You are a unique human being with a specific set of circumstances and life experiences. Our work together is geared to empower you where you are and help guide you where you wish to go. Dr. Alban ND looks at physical symptoms, current events in your life, body image issues, root causes, your relationship with self and others, your desires, goals, fears. We discuss any symptoms of illness and discomfort in the body or in your emotions all of which have a strong correlation to your ability to cope with life.  If anger is a constant, chances are your body is full of heat and inflammation, which is hard on your liver. If fear and insufficient support are steady companions, this tends to affect your kidneys and lower back. Lungs are related to grief, if there is recurring cough or infection, it may be time to take another look at what has not yet been given enough space to heal. Through metaphors and natural healing modalities, Dr. Alban shows you that taking the appropriate steps can help you find release from stress and pain. This approach empowers you on every level and offers that much sought-after whole person wellness.


“My wife has been dancing to music in the kitchen and living room the past 2 days, and has been laughing too!  Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.  Thank you.  I’m glad she met you.” T. C. PA


Natural Forces Within Us are the True Healers of Disease, Hipppocrates

Working together we’ll devise a plan that is flexible for you and lets you reach your goals, even if you are not always sure what they are. That’s okay. We often get to know what we want by knowing first what we don’t want. Changing our minds is okay, it’s how we grow. Through classes and individual support you learn what you need for this journey so you can be independent and make healthy decisions day to day, for the rest of your life.

Change is sometimes thrown at us, railroading our lives and upsetting everything we thought we knew about ourselves. This tends to include those we love. During these times it is helpful to remember that assuming a victim role robs you and them of power, and that assuming the faith and courage that a solution can be found, and that grace is present whenever we tune in and to find the silver lining at the end of that road. Dr. Alban guides you with compassionate clarity and humor through these rough times. Sometimes we act as your strength, finding the forgiveness you are missing or are not ready to give; always we hold the space for you to find your true voice, making new decisions courageously. Nobody can do the work for you but we can surely be with you while you do it.

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Peter Mitchell Art

Along the way, your spiritual expansion is assured; it is impossible to reach a high level of wellness in body and mind without the grace and joy that are the hallmarks of a spiritual being.

“I have had the pleasure of working and growing with Henriette for a number of years now and find that her influence positively impacts my life daily.  Henriette is brilliant in both her perceptiveness and charm, and her strength of will challenges you to think and grow beyond your wildest imagination.  I now live with intention and direct my thoughts to what I want, I am more open and receptive to alternative views, and I seek and secure joy as often as I can.  I am eternally grateful to Henriette and am so very glad that I brought her into my life.” M. R. DE

This is a safe place for trial and error – free of judgment. We help you practice your confrontations in role play and open the conversations that help vision your life. Along the way you learn much about yourself and what you truly wish for. No matter how you approach it, we know you will get there when you’re ready. Between sessions you are encouraged to utilize the tools we use here. Let us help you release doubt and to learn to access your own wisdom and joy.

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