Why hold on to what’s no longer useful or needed? The Emotion code has helped many people both emotionally and physically to clear the underlying emotional burdens of fear, self doubt, anger, shame, regret, disappointment, anxiety and other feelings we don’t like in us.

Most of us have something we’re not proud of, or maybe our adult life has labeled it, as something I did when I was too young to know. Some things we still carry as negative, something we were forced to do or be, secrets we have never dared speak of out loud, ways in which shame or fear have us enthralled, relationships that went sour, old grudges we hold, painful memories that surface and we fight to put them back in the box. Such inner turmoil, can be a quiet constant dread or come out howling when we’re in crisis. For many people taking something for the pain has resulted in additional issues with their own complications.  No matter how much we like to push this away, or refuse to deal with it - the old saying “What you Resist Persists” applies.

How does it work? Quantum science helps us out.

For people and animals alike, emotional release brings ease and inner freedom, something to think about.

1 hour session $85, 3/4 hour session $65, 1/2 hour sessions $45 - First sessions tend to last longer, this all depends on when your own sub conscious suggests that “it is enough for now.” 610 372-4572

The Emotion Code is a permission based system, where the practitioner asks permission to access your subconscious mind. This is done through muscle testing, where your own body brings us the answers. I also use a pendulum for sessions, whether in person or long distance. Your own energy system chooses how much and how often you do this work. I have done The Emotion Code in person and long distance, with equal benefits. I feel blesses and privileged to help people work out their questions all across the globe.

The results most often are feeling lighter and more confident, calmer and happier as people experience a release related to their complaint. And since your own sub-conscious manages the sequence of any release, the results are yours, guided by this inner wisdom that we all possess. And since we are not early as smart as our inner wisdom, we often have benefits from sessions, unrelated to the issue you brought here.

The Emotion Code also helps relieve physical pain, especially when we understand that energy of the trapped emotions is what the body uses to signal us to attend to what’s imbalanced. Body Mind Connection science has shown the body to hold an imprint of emotional pain in ways we can’t always know. Physical pain is a hard reality for many people and it can be eased from within. Even healthy people who feel there is nothing they need to change one day wake up and realize that they could be even more open and healthier in every way.

Some comments from clients:

Feeling so much lighter, I woke up without the dread and dark thoughts I used to have.

Wow, I used to clench my jaw all the time, that’s all gone, and that’s not even what we worked on.

I can’t believe how laughing and happy I feel, so much better than when I got here.

That technique works! I am grateful and it is amazing this feeling of stresslessness.

I feel much better now, I could feel when you hit on the right emotions, they signaled in my body and when you said ‘right hip’, you were right on.

The Answers I received totally meshed with my life and various traumas I have gone through. It was reassuring to have these gone and the entire time I was with Henriette I felt safe and heard. After the session I felt lighter and happier.

I feel at peace with the issue we worked on, and knowing I did my absolute best, there is no guilt anymore, which was just so overwhelming.