Sarita Linda Rocco’s Svaroopa Yoga sessions are revitalizing, soothing, expansive and rich in internal experiences. To get to know our bodies through her expert guidance and position adjustments is a unique gift.

 In a typical session, Sarita softly, invites us into the clear and gentle teachings of Shivassana. From toes to top, we’re invited to release and let go of stress. I look forward to unwinding, to find my breath, still my mind, to feel the release all tension from my body and to surrender on supportive blankets.

Listening to our bodies through Linda’s encouragement, we travel on her voice to an encompassing inner awareness. Throughout the 1.5 hours session, we can feel our bodies as we expand and discover ourselves, gratefully trusting her expert guidance. Our bodies collectively breathe a sigh of relief and joy when this practice takes us into the peace of the moment, where we find release and renewal on both a physical and emotional level. Refreshed and once more in touch with ourselves, we emerge from the session, fortified to what’s next.

svaroopaIn my 50’s I found Svaroopa Yoga to be just what I needed. My body energetic and youthful was asking for something easing and yet demanding; something I could grow into and listen to my body. It’s a lovely practice for a woman, who is looking to be kind to herself and to grow both in flexibility and strength as she grows older. Valuable insights accompany this work, self discovery opens up inner vistas and helps us to release long held tensions.
Sarita-Linda’s practice is one of a kind; her mature peace and wisdom infuses this practice, and her easy humor and laughter delights us all.

Visit Sarita-Linda Rocco at Bldg. 7 Yoga 222 N.Park Road, Wyomissing PA; turn at Yale Electric and follow signs to the back.

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