When we empower ourselves and each other with the truth of who we really are 
together, we change the world

Living in Balance is a journey of Personal Growth by which we get to know ourselves deeply and unflinchingly. Through self honesty and the desire to be seen without our masks, we gain a strong sense of ourselves, rewarded with an inner awareness we didn’t have before. If you’ve ever wanted to experience all of you, please keep reading. This work takes courage and the willingness to be open, be willing to allow the past to recede and unpack your potential for freedom, which has been there in your dreams for so long. Can you imagine, living as who you really are - unfettered by what’s long gone, others’ opinions and beliefs, actually inspired by the diversity of our life experiences, adventures, suffering and joys. Transposing what may be though of as a smear or stain on our life to something amazing, unique and ultimately essential for the evolution of mankind. We learn to accept ourselves as souls with specific journeys, interacting with one another in ways entirely unforeseen.

“We are unimaginable combinations of roles and emotions and circumstances.” Carl Godlove

bodymindspiritOur lovely, gorgeous humanity with its areas of Body, Mind and Spirit, reacts to stress and dissonance in a variety of ways, uniquely played out from early individual training. Dissonance we experience affects us in different ways. There is however no separation between body, mind and spirit as each dissonance, each event leaves a mark on our cellular structure. Built for survival, we are prone to believe the overlay old patterns add to our environments and we react accordingly. As such, we’re mostly not in our power, we are reactionary - that is, until we learn to view all situations with a detached compassion, calmly assessing and accepting the truth of this moment.


“The new science [of epi-genetics] takes us from victim to creator; we are powerful in creating and unfolding the lives that we lead.  Through acceptance and knowledge of self, the ultimate empowerment to stand fully in our lives, we begin to see the limitless potential of what is possible. Delving into the principles of epi-genetics, freed from textbooks and obscurity by Bruce Lipton, PhD, learn to leave our programming behind. Our body’s cells hold an energetic imprint of old trauma, of events to which a defensive position was taken. When we come unglued in a generally harmless or familiar situation, with a stress reaction of fear or anger, it is based on an old paradigm put in place at a much earlier time. While these outbursts can be awkward, I encourage you to see them as an opportunity for insights and freedom.

Whether at work or at home, life brings up these deeply felt areas to invite us to release what is underneath. Our clients find self acceptance for themselves; they learn that what they thought was wrong about them is in fact an asset. By releasing old fears, we take charge and make healthy decisions.

“Working with Henriette, I learned that I had a right to my own choices and decisions and that I was worthy of loving kindness towards myself. Finding my direction, I made big changes in my life and am today, these many years later, a happy, contented healthy woman.” T.M. MD

Personal GrowthTo love yourself, to forgive yourself for trespasses against others, forgive those who have trespassed against you, you experience a sense of freedom, of unburdening yourself from the past. Finding yourself as a child of creation, courageous and here on purpose, the discovery of what truly is your heart’s desire comes like wave of delight and possibility.

Drudgery was never meant to be our burden, why have we decided to hold on to it?

Our work together fosters self acceptance, bringing compassion for ourselves and others, for the child within that suffered when circumstances left us no choice, and no control. Let’s release the past, let’s allow for the freshness of the now, healing and healed from what was once a fearsome past.

“Henriette, with her very presence of attentive “listener” helped me realize it was not my fault…I was not what had happened to me… nor would I be what “could happen” to me… I AM a gift to the world, as we all are intended to BE! Her gift was mirrored to me and for that I am truly grateful.” K.Q. PA

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Conscious Spiritual Evolution – the Collective Human Adventure

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience – the world is in us – everything we experience during our lifetime is created by us. There is power in knowing that. By embracing the Beloved in ourselves, we embrace it in the world. That is true Intimacy with Spirit.

Owning up to our spiritual being-DSC_0286ness is our journey – owning that we create our reality and that this reality looks different for each of us. There are no two journeys the same, and while there may be apparent similarities, our individual perceptions teach us how uniquely and differently we go through life - a kaleidoscope of potential expressions. Connecting with Love as the One and Only True Force in the Universe, we touch Creation, we touch God in each other.

Let us collectively take full responsibility for our life experiences, for what and how we feel, how we express our truth in this world, Our learning, our choices, our forgiveness, our Love. The grace inherent in our growth, our ability to see through this varied, often challenging life experience - proving our integrity and valor over and over again, each in her own way.  We feel the grace the moment we step outside of being victims, when we take responsibility for now, in appreciation of all that presents itself.

We chose to be here at this time, at the time of this shift in consciousness, this edge where we get to stand together in the awareness that we are ready to evolve into true human BEINGS under GOD.

With time speeding up noticeably, cosmic information is being downloaded to the earth in ever increasing speed. By October 2011 we completed most of the cycles of the Mayan Calendar and experienced a multitude of realities unlike anyone before us. Since 2012, a new time cycle has begun with vastly changed playing fields. And now, in 2017 we are facing a multitude of challenges designed to help us reach our highest potential. We shall be challenged there is no question, as nature and strong foreign energies influence the earth. Standing together, we can overcome these challenges.

Each of us must decide where we stand, how we utilize our inner compass and what is true for us. If you’re here reading this, it would appear you’re interested in your role in this impending transformation and evolution of the human heart. For millennia there have been powers that have exercised authority over the world’s people, often with poor regard for their well-being and spiritual autonomy. In truth, we have always had the power to be true to ourselves, it’s an inside job, no matter the powers outside. There is help now, there is awareness now. Listen within, pay attention, be available to learn and grow and give and receive.

Spiritual Practice is no longer an option for Sunday mornings or when we’re in trouble. Neither is the occasional meditation. Our spiritual practice is what guides us in these uncertain times. Practice well your tools, find your inner alignment with yourself, ask for guidance and the protection of the Universe. What we do now is to the benefit of all - to honor our lives and efforts and our heartfelt devotion now.

Naturopathy Healing

I invite you to take stock, make a list of things that you have a hard time with, people you have to forgive, whether dead or alive; create a group of like minded others and come together to share, cleanse and help one another gain clarity and acceptance of what heretofore seemed so hard to own up to. Become free of judgments of yourselves and all others in the world. We don’t know the path others are walking, we cannot know their journey. All judgments are against ourselves. All forgiveness is for the stories we have told about us. Living in Balance has many years of experience of facilitating such groups of like minded others. Please email nd@henriettealban.com



This fear of death - it’s a killer.
Way ahead of the event, it occupies our thoughts, for who is not at times pre-occupied with death? At least until we become unafraid even familiar with the idea that our body is enlivened and animated by spirit; by a soul whose journey on this planet requires a physical form to navigate and learn.  Until we become clear and face our fears of death, a part of us continues to remain hidden and unavailable to us. We push the fears away, we may turn from loss and grief as something to be avoided. All this is a temporary solution at best, and the fear of death continues to loom over us until we deal with it. This is not about taking this fear away from you, but to invite you to look at it as a signal, even a tool for growing into your own freedom. Have you ever asked yourself what you are really afraid of?

I see two ways to view this:

Fear of Death is the fear of the end of life as we know it, of a time when we enter the unknown, no longer being with our loved ones, no longer in our body, nor in control, not having any power (seemingly) over what happens to us. That can be very unsettling; we are so firmly attached to our physical body, we can’t even imagine who we are without it. Can you imagine that a part of you is not your body? That a part of you will know exactly how to be when the time comes? When we’re open to love and acceptance, we know intuitively what to do. As acceptance dawns, peace descends. Fear is a powerful gripper, it hurls us into the pit of darkness and it appears to take patience, hopefulness and courage to climb back out without losing that part that has been so terrified. It’s like a child that needs soothing, its’ a part of us that needs reassuring so you can experience the sweet release of the fear and view the event for what it really is: a simple transition home.  At that moment you become your own best guide, there is a gentle emotional separation of who you think you are to who you really are. The old paradigm “I am my body and my thoughts” falls away to reveal the freedom of your totality of being. There is joy and freedom to live in that discovery.

From my studies of the states of dying and of Near Death Experiences, I understand that we can always ask for help, in the middle of the fear in the middle of dying, we can ask for that which would save us, a simple “please show me” being like the innocent child who needs help and calls out. And help shall arrive, it is promised. And who shall hear us? Ah, there is the trust we develop to quench the fear and doubt. Developing trust, we learn to let go of control. Have you ever surrendered? The release of these fears of death and dying is such a surrender. You are loved!

Salvation is what I call the release of the physical, especially when hurt, sick and too frail for life. It is the natural occurrence for our soul to ascend to whence it came. Could you imagine giving up the fight? There is such peace when those whose fears have been let go approach their transition. A light of recognition and ease shines on their face, even an eagerness to be home once again, to belong again to unconditional love.

Then there is the fear of dying. There is the fear of the potential of long suffering; being in pain till it’s over. This is further feeding our fears, and our minds are easily imagining dying as a long, a painful and slow process, a time of suffering so intense and harsh, we cringe from it. Especially when we have watched others go through this. Yes that is indeed a fear I believe we share. Until we liberate ourselves from that fear and choose, actively choose an end to this suffering, to imagine our dying to be quick, easy, painless, even sudden - perhaps to go to sleep at night never to wake up again. Just like that? Almost, and here is the thing. When we want to be at ease, refuse the fears that could overtake us, choose to be in a space of trust, we learn that we can chase the fears and imagine the end we prefer. The sheer relief such practice brings is palpable and adds to our peace. Do we have guarantees we shall get it, not really. And yet, the practice of trust and faith in our ease at the end of life is of immense value, it creates something of a pre condition for how we may experience dying. And it does even more than that.

It sets into motion an active goal, a sensibility that we practice frequently by imagining it to be easy, graceful and quick. That we shall be at peace at the time, in fact that we shall make peace and practice forgiveness for self and others even in the middle of our life. The sooner we begin this, the easier the imagining becomes, the quicker we release our fears and are free from that painful anticipation of dread. Added bonus of course is that our life becomes easier, fears recede and our time here is more filled with joy, love and peace.

What would you choose?