“Don’t ever forget this: That you are a part of nature, and no one can prevent you from speaking and acting in harmony with it, always.” Marcus Aurelius 

This collection of free informational blogs is intended to serve you as educational tools and to introduce you to specific wellness topics. The material offered here aligns with generally accepted, holistic practices and principles and follows the underlying belief that our bodies have the natural inbuilt capacity to heal themselves.  For those who attend our groups and classes, they represent a reminder of what we discussed. For everyone, I hope you take advantage of the knowledge and experience they contain to help you through uncertain times and give you tools for a life of wellbeing. You are welcome to download these pages; by doing so you agree to credit its authors. Thank you.

“I have attended several of Henriette’s classes, from Nature’s Medicine Cabinet and Optimal Gut Health to learning the EFT method for stress control.  Henriette is not only extremely knowledgeable of what she teaches; her style is relaxed, open, friendly, caring and at times humorous. I always come away with easy to implement tactics to make my life healthier and more manageable.  I look forward to the next great topic Henriette has to offer.” M. F. PA

“Thank you for providing such interesting and informative classes.” C.P, PA

Efficacy of Group Learning - Classes and Groups for Natural Health and Wellness

Engaging and interactive, most classes are presented with visuals and valuable take home handouts that help you put content into practice, whatever your age or your state of health. Group learning benefits everyone - others may ask questions that speak perfectly to your own situation. This interactive format is a live learning space, participants are encouraged to engage with questions and comments.

Preventive and proactive in nature, class content is useful to anyone interested in taking charge of their own health and spiritual wellbeing. Check out our class topics. With this added knowledge you are able to help yourself and your family to be self responsible and make healthy decisions that benefit a high quality of life and longevity. Whether this is your first exposure to natural health or you wish to add to knowledge you have already gained, the topics we offer are applicable in real time and come from long standing, natural health traditions, benefitting everyone who is willing to listen and apply them.

Classes or study groups form on demand for a minimum of 8 participants and are held at your place of business, at private settings or our own teaching space. To discuss a series of classes or topics tailored to your audience, please email me with your requests: nd@henriettealban.com or call 610 372-4572. Thank you.


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Acupuncture: Mark Siegrist, L.Ac

Svaroopa Yoga: Sarita Linda Rocco

Dentistry: Carole Labate, DDS, safe amalgam removal

BODY WORK:  Karen Gamby at Pathways to Healing, Glenna Hedstrom,

HEALTH FOODS:  Health Cupboard, Echo Hill,