I believe that we are all connected, that your energy and mine are connected, that we are all living in this quantum field of universal energy. We are guided by our beliefs and our intentions to influence and create our reality in ways that are marvelous and exciting. We are also guided by our original intent before coming into this physical body, our desires for expansion of the human experience.

We seek balance in our lives, just because it feels the best. We can only go so long and so far in constant exertion, the gravity and the density of our planetary energy will demand that we rest, sleep, recover, regenerate. These cycles of action and rest are what lie at the core of our polarity - the highs and lows - and in between the sweet harmony of healing energy, of restorative growth and awareness.

The work I do for my clients centers on this belief, centers on personal awareness and personal responsibility of how we are each here - our purpose, our life’s journey, our relationships, our choices and decisions.

When any one of these areas are imbalanced or when we are walking through our life experience as disempowered, our deep inner spark of soul’s desire not yet awake or perhaps not yet strong enough to push through our awareness, we are in a space of relative ignorance. No matter how materially or scholastically successful our reality may be, we are not yet whole in heart and soul. We cannot truly prosper in imbalance, there will always be that sense of something missing. This journey is what my work is about and I invite you to join me towards the evolution of all humanity.

If each of us does what she is called to do, follows the inner urging, overcomes fears and old patterning, learns to release what is no longer valid, we collectively strive for what feels good to us and frequently ask the question: “Is this the most loving choice I can make for myself?”