In private practice since 1997 in Maryland and Pennsylvania, my journey has been interesting in life experiences and as a professional.  I appreciate it all.

With a business degree and after over 15 years in international art, trade, banking and cosmetics, I put my full attention on my passion for a holistic life, healthy in body, mind and spirit with a strong focus on the whole body/mind approach. After studies of many different modalities I became a Certified Natural Health Professional, and in 1997 I earned the diploma as Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health. Workshops, classes, talks, a full practice showed clearly the evidence of psychosomatic effects of intense emotions on the physiology and its often unexpected effects for people. Combining strong education and training for physical health, I was fascinated with the way the sub conscious mind hides the emotional stressors described as trauma, freeze responses, PTSD and behavioral problems. These defense mechanisms are powerful protectors until they show up in our lives and demand our attention in often inconvenient ways. Today, it is well known that there is no true physical wellbeing without a sound mind and healed emotions. I offer simple and easy emotional and physical relief through a variety of Energy Methods.

Growing up in Switzerland, with a wonderful sister, our parents were athletic people and familiar with natural health methods and the importance of living in harmony with nature. Some of their teachings I continue to use to this day and share in my groups and classes. As the mother of a beautiful boy whose life was very challenging early on, I learned so much of what I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. I studied what I could to help him, and help lots of others at the same time.

Personal GrowthDSC00618The field of human potential is my natural home. Having experienced first hand how easy it is to lose one’s way, compassion and clarity were a by-product of my own life lessons. I was determined to remain strong and be the survivor I knew myself to be.



Thankfully, there was lots of help along the way. In turn I have learned that it doesn’t have to be so hard; that it can be enjoyable - I learned that there are always those who can teach us the next steps. I promised to be such a teacher, someone who shows up when she’s needed. That’s how people find me and that is my personal creed I take very seriously.

Whether I work with individuals or couples, with teenagers or elders, the purpose is to serve each of you in ways that bring you peace in body and mind and let you experience yourself more fully and enjoyably than before. My work is to make sure you know how amazing and precious you are, no matter where you have been, where you are or how you think of yourself. Taking responsibility for your own life is empowering and important. I am here to support your journey.

My family and I have all worked with Henriette for years now. I am so grateful to have someone to call with natural solutions to life’s daily struggles, whether they are health related or emotional. Through private sessions and workshops, Henriette has the ability to steer you in the right direction and point out clearly the path to take to wellness. I love her combination of firm yet compassionate guidance! Lisa S. PA.

Below are a few of the key areas I have studied.

Nutrition, Raw Food, Juicing, Digestive Health, Detox/Fasting/Cleansing/Rebuilding, Weight Loss, Hormone Health

Body Work: Massage, Shiatsu (Wataru Ohashi), Applied Kinesiology Certificate, Touch for Health Certificate, Psych-K Certificate

Mind Technologies: Creative Intelligence Program, Spatial Think, Jack A. Krueger

Diploma of Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy, Trinity School of Natural Health since 1997

Mind Body Connection – somatic responses to emotional events in the body physical

Coaching with Thomas J. Leonard

Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator

EFT ADV - Emotional Freedom Technique, Advanced Practitioner

The Emotion Code - Certified Facilitator