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After 20 years in private practice in MD and PA, the focus of my work is on the Body Mind Connection and how emotions impact our physical body. From childhood/teenage stressors to loss, grief, fear and anger all intense emotions carry a specific energy that vibrates in our body and sets the tone for our interaction with life. Living in Balance is my life’s work to assist my clients to find resonant peace and clarity for their highest Good.

The world needs our Light and our Gifts. When Love and Acceptance radiate out into the world, many more are healed. Following our soul’s prompting helps us connect to the true self that informs and guides our entire life. Humanity Evolving!

Naturopathy at Living in Balance is founded on the body’s innate ability to heal itself when given the necessary tools and support. The proverbial emotional stressors can accumulate over time and intensify symptoms leading to chronic health issues. Serving the body internally, we use super foods, lifestyle changes and specific supplements helping to curb inflammation among other approaches. Each person is unique and Living in Balance can be a different path for different people. 

A vital component of this rebalancing is the Body-Mind Connection - a scientifically crucial part of human wellbeing that has shown the body to hold trauma and long ago fear issues in our cells. Over time, we learn to identify such dissonance and acknowledging them is the first step. We would love to help you clear your plate from old pain or new pain. The more we work with what is potentially in the way of our happiness, the easier and more productive life gets. When we are able to hear any dissonance in ourselves and acknowledge that something is not working, we have taken the first step. This is a bit different for everyone and deserves our best effort. We have very good results helping people overcome their inner concerns and fears through a number of emotional healing methods.  Dr. Alban believes that the cosmic energy that flows through all that is alive can be harnessed to release old patterns and bring about our healing, making peace with who we are.


How we work with our clients:

Before your first appointment, in a free telephone conversation, we decide together if this is the right place for you. At your intake session, which lasts around 1.5 hours, we take your health history and consider everything related to your current life situation, from your most pressing issues to how we help you build your path to healing. Patience and faithful self care are very important. From eating to elimination, your exercise ability, the level of inflammation, hormonal health, sleep cycles, metal toxicity, your inner terrain (gut/digestion) and potential stressors or disruptors, we work out your first steps. This may include adjustments in diet, added movement, super foods, and energy work. We also evaluate how stress at work, home or school  impacts your daily life. All of it is relevant: how you talk about yourself, inner criticism, the quality of your relationships, past traumas and other emotional issues that correlate with your state of health. In our work, there is no need to relive the past. We have created a safe, comfortable space, where our intention is that you are heard and experience us as a partner in your healing journey. If you have the willingness, we have the tools and the experience.

Living in Balance empowers you to follow your dreams, stand up for what you believe is true and right for you, and practice open hearted self care in all areas of your life. Learning the benefits of seeing ourselves as whole beings of body mind and spirit, we can guide our life to its highest potential. This is how we all serve each other and the world we live in.

Prior to your first visit we offer a free 15 minutes phone call to make sure we’re on the same page.

We do not accept insurance. Intake session $150, follow up sessions $85 - payable by cash, check or through

610 372-4572 or


Learning in groups is evidently one of the most expedient ways to educate ourselves.

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Topics and questions are connecting us positively to each other’s reality. Getting together for a class fosters a greater interest and support to make lifestyle changes. Classes form for a minimum of 6 people at our offices or a location of your choice.


  • The Healthy Medicine Chest: Natural First Aid
  • The Basics of Healthy Nutrition: I and II - a Primer on how to get started
  • Healthy Eating: Vegetarian, Omnivore, Raw, Vegan, Cooked, Paleo?
  • Healthy Pantry and Fridge: Next Steps: Shopping and Cooking!
  • Optimal Gut Microbeiome: Gateway to Longevity
  • Whole Body Care: Teeth to Toes, Inside Out
  • Stressed? Effective Energy Methods for all ages and situations - easy to do
  • Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT - a deeper look

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