• 2/6/12 photo by Harold Hoch Henriette Alban Henriette Alban (spelling OK) sits under a row of pine trees at one of her favorite places, in front of the McGlinn Conference Center at Alvernia University.

    Henriette Alban, ND

  • Have you been searching for a way to improve your health and wellbeing? Where physical issues or mental emotional stress are expertly reduced through natural methods and life style changes? Where you are heard and fully supported to reach your wellness goals? Natural Holistic Wellness is the domain of Naturopathy - it’s what we do best. Need to talk?
  • Schedule a free  ‘Get Aquainted Call”  at 610 372-4572 or email nd@henriettealban.com
  • Naturopathy serves the body’s natural ability to heal and all our remedies fully support this function. Dr. Alban’s suggestions and adjustments to diet and lifestyle are based on the use of natural substances as supplements and as fresh food. This is preceded by a careful review of your health history, symptoms, family tendencies, stress level and other personal factors.
  • Such a holistic approach is about all of you and includes your thoughts and emotional patterns that often accompany physical problems. If this is new for you, don’t worry, it makes sense once you see the connections. The Body Mind Connection is a well established science whereby our thinking and beliefs affect our physical body. After all, our cells have been listening to our beliefs and self talk for all of our lives and this can be a bit tough to change on your own. No matter where you find yourself, we help guide you to take the steps necessary to make the desired changes and we support your commitment to yourself. Over time, your growth and wellbeing are assured and occasional tune ups will make you an expert on your own best self care. Know Thyself is still the best advice. 
  • Living in Balance is a place for Natural Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit in Reading, PA.
  • If this resonates with you, please reach me, Henriette Alban ND at 610 372-4572 or email nd@henriettealban.com

As an attentive listener and intuitive observer, Dr. Alban takes her time with her clients. With a truly holistic approach to natural wellness, she works with all of you not just your diagnosis or the part where the ‘problem’ is. Such an approach includes your emotions, your life situation, if you are in the middle of change, and how you relate to yourself and to those around you.

The body is the physical expression of yourself - when it speaks to you, it’s a good idea to take note and listen. Whether you seek nutritional counseling, or present with a specific physical problem, or if you want to let go of emotional patterns, Dr. Alban has created a comfortable space where you can safely speak of what troubles you, gain insights and new viewpoints that result in positive change.

Natural Stress Release is a life long solution that teaches us to accept ourselves completely instead of covering up our feelings. The Body Mind Connection is at the root of so many issues, it has become one of the most important areas to explore. You move at the pace that suits you, we are here to support your journey. As a Traditional Naturopath trained in Body-Mind Wisdom, I have been in private practice since 1997. Deeply passionate about people’s desire to live a healthy, enjoyable life, I continue to study and apply the leading edge science of natural medicine.

It can take a while to find the right practitioner, the right journey to health; so take your time, read these pages and if you have questions, please, just ask: 610 372-4572 or email nd@henriettealban.com Thank you.

The work we do together is in the spirit of safe discovery, a judgment free zone where we look at your physical concerns, as well as your mental/emotional state of being and how they relate to each other. This is where your questions and concerns combine with our knowledge and methods. Working with us, you are invited to change for your Highest Good – your commitment will make it so.


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Henriette Alban is one of those rare practitioners who combines intuition and nurturing with great technical expertise in her work. If you, like me, desire more wellness, balance and vitality in your life, I can recommend her highly. P.N. TX

I had the pleasure of working with Henriette several months ago. She is a gentle practitioner, who demonstrates an amazing capacity for insight. Her calm and caring manner put me immediately at ease, and she used her EFT tapping technique quite effectively. Henriette is extremely knowledgeable about naturopathy and I recommend her highly for anyone who is dealing with either physical or emotional issues that have not responded to more traditional treatment. Heather Uczynski PA

“Henriette is an intuitively gifted healer. She thrives on sharing her knowledge and her skills in a consistent and compassionate manner, always seeking new tools and adapting them to the needs of her clients. As she continues to expand her knowledge base, she continues to amaze me with her expertise.” D. J. NYC

Thank you Henriette. You are a gifted [EFT] practitioner. Your ability to find the words we need to hear is unique and powerful. As you pulled the words together for both my and Mike’s situations, I was amazed at your intuitive and compassionate approach and your ability to really listen. I observed that as we stumbled with words and tried to make sense of and describe what we were experiencing, you had the ability to cut through the confusion and say the exact thing we needed to hear. This was very effective for me and allowed me to see my situation in a new light. I experienced impressive changes. J. S. PA

The results in my life since working with Dr. Alban have been gratifying to say the very least. My life has become an adventure that I look forward to experiencing every minute of every day. It is like I have been injected with the power of the universe, and the love that I am now allowing myself to feel for every person on this earth can’t be measured. Dr. Alban has helped me to transform my life into something I cherish every minute of every day! G. N. MD

Building on my own spiritual work, the doors I was able to open by working with Henriette brought me to a new level of embodying the practices and teachings I was studying.  I found myself going from knowing things on a mental level to changing the emotional and energetic patterns held in my body, and this all with just a few sessions of EFT. L. S. P.

I have had the pleasure of working and growing with Henriette for a number of years now and find that her influences positively impact my life daily. Henriette is brilliant in both her perceptiveness and charm, and her strength of will challenged me to think and grow beyond my wildest imagination. I now live with intention and direct my thoughts to what I want. I am eternally grateful to Henriette and am so very glad that I brought her into my life. M. R. DE

Comments from The Women’s Group, continuously active since August 2014

  • This group is a place where I come for me
  • This is my ‘Village’
  • Trusting others to hear my problems, being vulnerable and recognizing that I can let it out and accept productive feedback, makes me feel safe.
  • It was really, really good, helpful to learn how to let me be me
  • Now I got legs to stand on, to feel my truth, thank you!
  • I can’t imagine where else I would get this kind of caring attention and gentle self examination.
  • Even when it seems that I’m too tired to come, I always leave refreshed and energized.

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